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Winter Sports

Ice Falls
The thrill of climbing walls of glass, often real works of art of nature.
Sensitivity, precision, lightness, strength, all the qualities needed to be applied to frozen waterfalls in the Valle d'Aosta. Day trips or consecutive days, basic or advanced courses.

Skiing Downhill
Monterosa Ski links three alpine valleys into a single ski area, in the sight of the Monte Rosa massif, between Valle d'Aosta and Piedmont. And 'always it attracted the most demanding skiers and for the careful preparation of the slopes and the excellent technological level of the lifts. 180 kilometers of runs and 6 alpine Location (Antagnod, Alagna, Brusson, Champoluc-Frachey, Gressoney-La-Trinité, Gressoney-Saint-Jean) accessible with a single ticket, link together the valleys supported by over 400 supply points cannons for artificial snow, facility that guarantees the opportunity to ski on 170 km of runs even in periods of poor snowfall.
You can choose to spend a day going through the area with skis starting from Champoluc and Frachey in Valle d 'Ayas, through Gressoney-La-Trinité and arriving in Alagna Valsesia; but you can also choose to live a more intimate and cozy area of ​​Antagnod, Brusson and Gressoney-Saint-Jean are local stations reached by convenient shuttle or bus.
Gressoney there are two: Gressoney St. Jean (d. 1385) for its lower attitude and cheerful position that occupies the center of the plain has witnessed intense tourist development and is today an elegant and renowned tourist destination, which has been able preserving the characteristics of its German origin, starting from the dialect "titsch".
Gressoney La Trinité (1637 m) is instead a more mountainous resort, yet extraordinarily evocative, which also maintained its traditions very much alive is the spirit of the Walser communities of which it is part. Over the past 30 years the two countries have also found a winter vocation and now host their systems numerous snow enthusiasts.
In Gressoney-Saint-Jean (1.345m) you can ski on the slopes of Weissmatten. This area is part of the Monterosa Ski area. It is not particularly large (a chair lift, a ski lift, and the Baby Snow Park equipped with two treadmills), but with slopes suitable for all skiers. The racing tracks "Leonardo David" and the track "Black", which runs through a forest of stone pines are particularly appreciated by expert skiers looking for challenging slopes, while a red run and one blue fulfill the other skiers. The ski lift and the snow park satisfied beginners and children who want to learn to ski and have fun in the snow.
The area of ​​Weissmatten is connected with the rest of the Monterosa ski slopes with a ski-bus service 10 minutes.

Monterosa Ski:
180 km of pistes - 67 pistes: 19 blue - 41 red - 6 black
38 lifts: 3 cable cars - 5 cable cars - 14 chair lifts - 1 funicular - 11 tapis roulant- 4 lifts.
Monterosa Ski - Gressoney-Saint-Jean:
13 km of tracks: 3 blue - red 3 - 1 black
Lifts: 1 chair - 1 ski lift - 1 treadmill

Cross country skiing
Tracks of varying difficulty to discover the most secluded corners of the mountain, to spend pleasant days in contact with nature. All tracks have a similar difficulty, with flat stretches, beautiful slopes of medium difficulty, some very short descent but more challenging; no shortage of course climbs ever difficult.
The track Villy has its starting point at the car park of Champoluc. At the start of the track ticket and ski rental.
The Periasc slopes are organized on 3 rings of different lengths, the two minors are in fact part of the longer. The tracks run between Periasc and snow fields around the hamlet of Corbet, a little further downstream; from the race track, in a wider area of ​​the valley and therefore quite sunny, you can enjoy a wide view over the peaks that separate the Val d'Ayas from Valtournanche, in the Monte Rosa massif and, to the southeast, toward the group of Three Becche- Mont Nery.Da Antagnod a very scenic trail leads up to 2,000 meters Barmasc.

CHAMPOLUC (1,564 m.)
Location 3.5 km loop in Villy - easy
Track pitch School km 0, 25 - easy
ANTAGNOD (1,728 m.)
a 2 km ring Location Barmasc - easy
3.15 km loop in Location Barmasc-medium difficulty.
Periasc (1,503 m.)
School field km 0:25 - easy
2.00 km loop - easy
3.00 km loop - easy
5 km loop - medium
7,500 km loop - medium
The start of the track is located at the center of Periasc bottom seat of the field school.
Varasc - Champoluc (1,545 m.)
Ring 2,3 km easy - to the slopes of Periasc
Track located at the beginning of the town of Champoluc, on the left bank of the Evançon. The flat course is suitable for all beginners.
With northern exposure the snow is always in good condition.
Ticket: daily at the bottom of Villy hire in Champoluc
(Parking), the Centre of Periasc Fund and at the offices of Champoluc and Antagnod

ski Mountaineering
Gressoney is positioned in the center of the Monterosa ski area that stretches over three valleys of the Monte Rosa. From the Valley of Gressoney, in fact, you can be reached by skis the Ayas (Champoluc, Antagnod and Brusson) and Val Sesia (Alagna).
The area, including the largest and most modern in the world, has 35 lifts and 9 treadmill and boasts over 200 km of slopes.
Prevail tracks "Blue", easier, and at each station of the Monterosa Ski slopes there are also interesting "red" moderately difficult. However, there are compelling "blacks" slopes where the most expert skiers can test their skills.
The area is equipped with snow making machines for a total of about 120 km of slopes equipped with over 400 supply points of the guns.
The gradient of the entire area ranging from 3550 mt. Punta Indren at 1186 mt. Alagna.
Gressoney and the Monterosa Ski represent the Italian home of off-piste skiing thanks to the many unspoiled slopes, extreme descents and breathtaking views.
For lovers of the FreeStyle Gabiet valley is the ski area M6 SnowPark Gressoney which hosts a variety of jumps and structures of all kinds. If you prefer the Snowcross, a snowboard or skis, you can try on the beautiful track in the area of ​​dedicated Bettaforca between jumps, parabolas and woops.

And if skiing is not enough, Gressoney offers you the chance to slip on groomed skating rinks or explore trails covered with snow with snowshoes.
You can rent equipment for ice skating directly from the tracks while snowshoeing at most ski rentals on site.

Natural - discovered - lit - day and night - winter season
Loc. Edelboden - Gressoney-La-Trinité (AO)
Tel .: 347.2801543

Natural - discovered - lit - day and night - winter season
Loc. Tschoarde - Gressoney Saint Jean (AO)
Tel .: 0125.355455

Natural - discovered - lit - day and night - winter season
Lake Gover - Gressoney Saint Jean (AO)
Tel .: 0125.355402

Helicopter rides
An adventure, a new way to discover the mountains and spend a wonderful day.
You land where no elevator will ever get, you will see unique views and wonderful routes.
Security is provided by pilots with great high-altitude flight experience and by mountain guides who know their mountains.
Heliski Cervinia Via Crystal, 2 Tel and Fax 0166.949267 - 335.6948316

Snowmobiles, all with two beds, can be easily guided following simple instructions given by expert guides accompanying the 'consortium'. (Tel. 0166-940127). In Courmayeur they instead organize trips on dog sleds. E ', however, need to book well in advance for groups of at least 12 people and only by e-mail ( Adventures Grandes Jorasses
For night snowmobiling you can contact the sports center in Valtournenche Maen Location (Tel. 0166-92723) or in Breuil-Cervinia (Tel. 0166-940127).
quieter alternative, sledding thrills always large and small and is -as the Racquets- big "recovery." For one or two people, sleds are used in a supine position with your feet forward. For bending flex shoes with your feet or they pull the straps attached to the shoes.
The Aosta Valley is also home to international competitions on track approved of Saint-Oyen / Flassin, 935 meters long. with 109 mt. of open vertical drop for a stretch of 300 meters. to all those who want to experience the thrill of sledding with a lot of masters to approach lessons and toboggan hire (tel. 0165-780046).