The portal of Gressoney and Champoluc Monterosa


Gressoney Saint Jean with Gressoney La Trinité is an internationally renowned mountain resort with ski plants that reach up to 3,000 meters in Passo dei Salati, on the border with Piedmont. Stafal is the gateway to the more enthusiastic, and backcountry skiing routes that reach the Monte Rosa, up to 4,459 meters of the Gnifetti and the Regina Margherita, the highest refuge in Europe.

The skiarea, using trails for downhill skiing connect also with Champoluc area, creating thus the Monterosa Ski domain, one of the most modern and extensive in Europe with over 200 km of pistes and modern plants.
Also interesting is the cross country trail, which stretches for 25 km through forests and magnificent views of glaciers which in January, hosts the international cross-country race called "Monterosalauf.
Gressoney Saint Jean, located at 1385 meters above sea level, occupies a vast plain of rich vegetation, particularly interesting because of the spectacular view of impressive mountain ranges and Lyskamm glaciers.
Picturesque is the lake just outside the town, whose beautiful emerald green waters reflect the surrounding majestic mountain peaks. Nestled within the woods, in a panoramic location known as "Belvedere ", stands the Savoy Castle, built by Queen Margaret in 1894 as a residence for his frequent holidays.
Gressoney-La-Trinité is the last town at the head of the river Lys valley at 1627 meters above sea level in a wide flat area dominated by the glacier Lyskamm, enclosed between two steep walls covered in rich larch vegetation.
Symbol of the oldest traditions, deeply rooted and covered by Walser culture, especially among women, dress is the typical, strictly black and white, costume with white shirt adorned with ornate lace and decorated with rich gold filigree cuff. The Walser are a people of Germanic origin that arrived in this area more than eight centuries ago, through the Theodulpass,and settled in the Valley of Gressoney moving from the swiss vallois, from where they get their name. Their culture is still reflected today in the architecture, traditions and their language. In Gressoney speak "Titsch" a typical Walser speech, with clear Germanic influences.
Gressoney is also the perfect starting point for alpine tours and journeys.
In summer you can reach Brusson, in Ayas Valley, through the Colle Ranzola, with an easy walk; there are also numerous excursions taking the ski lifts in operation even during the summer.
From Gressoney-La-Trinité start the Alta Via n° 1 of the Valle d'Aosta, hiking trail that runs at high altitude and connects to Courmayeur Mont Blanc.